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Gabriel met Alex in 2007, they banged out a dozen or so terrible short films and started writing together.

They found a DOP called Jack, who made everything look a lot better. The three of them then went on to make a 60 minute film called Casting for £1100.

Markus met Gab on the set of Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’, and we adopted him and he tolerated us. We went on to make commercials, music and fashion promos for brodcast. We also made ‘Writer’s Room’, a 70 minute film for £2300. And between them, a few award winning short films including Hideaway & Three Minute Warning (For Wri/Dir Iqbal Mohammed).

Then Kristina was folded into the family and we’ve gone on to make award winning webseries, short films and promos together whilst developing our own TV shows and feature films.

Despite dipping in and out of this collective to make works such as Anonymous, Deus Ex, Miss J, Like Everyone Else, Deadly Sins, Push and many more, G59 always find themselves back together, namely for Let’s Get Macho and a second series of All Of Them which can all be found here on our website.

A crowning moment for Gabriel, Jack, Markus and Alex was their collaboration with Pascal Le Comte on a feature film called How You Look At Me, starring George Blagden (Versailles, Vikings) which is due for release later this year.



Kristina is a producer of the team after joining the collective to produce the first cycle of their web series 'All Of Them'. Coming from an actor background following years of training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Kristina decided to add another element to an ever expanding armoury of experiences and skills by taking responsibility behind the camera as well as in front of.

Having gained valuable experience working on an array of award winning independent features, notably Uberto Pasolini's Still Life and Sally El Hosaini's My Brother the Devil, Kristina decided to focus on production and produced the short films, Deus Ex Machina and Miss J which premiered at Underwire festival in 2017.

Having spent the last few years in the world of advertising, including working in house with Dirty Films, she has produced music videos, branded content, commercials and dabbled in VR with Unit 9 Films. Clients include; Carlsberg, ASDA, BT, Diary UK, Red Bull to name a few.

Kristina continues to produce long form original content; short films, web-series and is currently in development for a new TV show with G59TV.



Alex has been writing with Gabriel since he was 18 years old. Their first written project, a sitcom about life as a gas engineer, based on his real life has never seen the light of day but still managed to propel them forward into the industry.

They now write and produce together on a regular basis and since the beginning of their journey together, Alex has gone on to produce Iqbal Mohammed’s and Gabriel’s Award Winning shorts Three Minute Warning. and HIDEAWAY respectively. As well as a series producer on All Of Them and the Untitled Phil and Joel Podcast Show (which he also co-wrote).

Alex is also focusing on developing his skills as onset electrician, having worked on Goodbye Christopher Robin, Hobbs & Shaw and Mary Poppins Return.

He recently directed an episode of Let’s Get Macho, a G59TV webseries he co-wrote with the creator David Ellis and Gabriel.



Markus works as a Director and Producer in advertising, having created television and online campaigns for clients such as Calgon, Fanta, Dettol, New Balance, Specsavers, Moneyshop and St.John’s Ambulance.

Having spent time before that working in the feature film industry in development at DNA films and as an assistant director, on films such as Rush, Exodus and Dredd he also produced and directed a variety of content for G59TV, including The Untitled Phil & Joel Podcast, Show and Writer’s Room.



Jack is an Arri Certified Director of Photography & HEA recognised Lecturer in Cinematography, Film Technology & Media Industries.

Jack has been the cinematographer for many G59 Projects, as well as many other projects working with members of the G59 team. Such as commercials with Markus, Short films with Alex as his Gaffer and Gabriel even camera assisted for him once (never again).

Jack and Gabriel have established a visual signature in their work, which they have been refining since 2011. With hand held, reactive and naturalistic moments whilst curating stylised and emotive frames. They have been refining what is possible with what is available on the day and most importantly, creating an environment where actors have freedom to work, but where the camera can always follow.

Jack is involved with development aspects of G59 projects, but would never go as far as calling himself a producer, though would happily credit himself as one as he aims to achieve as many IMDB credits as possible in his lifetime…

Currently lecturing & conducting practice research at the University of Lincoln in Film Production, specializing in Cinematography & Film Technology.



Writer/Director from London who worked in the film industry as an assistant to cast, producers & directors. Most notably for Ron Howard on Rush (2013), In The Heart of The Sea (2016), Sir Anthony Hopkins on 360 (2013) & Sharon Maguire on Bridget Jones's Baby (2016). He now works for Chris Symes on the GoT and previously assisted Oscar nominated producer Alison Owen (Saving Mr.Banks, Suffragette, Elizabeth).

Gabriel also focuses on his own career as a writer/director with Casting (2012), Writer's Room (2017) and How You Look At Me (2019, starring George Blagden of Versailles).

He wrote and directed his short H I D E A W A Y (2013) which was part of the No Gloss & The Shropshire Rainbow film festival official selections in 2014. Gabriel created and wrote The Untitled Phil & Joel Podcast, Show.

Gabriel is the creator of the award winning web series, All Of Them, which is currently available online to view with a second series being shot as you read.

He also recently completed two short films, Deadly Sins & Push which are doing the festival circuits now.

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