J A C K  S H E L B O U R N

Jack is a Director of Photography & Lecturer based between London & Lincoln. 

Currently lecturing at the University of Lincoln for the Film Production course, specializing in Cinematography.

Jack films across all digital cinema formats, specialising in digital 35mm camera operating & lighting. 

He enjoys various lighting techniques and set ups. Often shooting with large soft sources, and new LED lighting technology. Combining them with as much natural light as possible, which has become his main style of lighting over the last few years. 

He tends to attack each set up, by seeing how much of the natural light and 'on location' lights can be used, before complimenting it with artificial sources.

He shoots reactively, not quite in a documentary style, but hand held and following the story as the locations reveal themselves and as the actors explore the space they are in.

Jack has shot films across the UK and Europe, working with local and foreign crews and has just added teaching professionally to his career.