A L L O F T H E M - Creator and Director's statements part 1

All Of Them - Our new webseries about Love, Loneliness and London is finally ready to go live, so G59TV Blog asked the creator of the show, the series producers and series directors about the show's vibe and intentions. 

Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez, creator, wrote the first series episodes and directed three. Sweating through his adidas sweatpants, sporting glasses held together with blu-tac, he explains where the show came from, and what he wanted to achieve. 

"I was very keen to give G59 a platform that would invite and meld all of our creative sensibilities together. Our first series brought in new directors, DPs, actors and post production crew which really excited us. Creatively, the episodes come from moments we all bump into, dating fables heard from friends, and sometimes, experienced ourselves. As we discussed the concept further, it was clear that dating ranges from being hilarious (with enough hindsight and recovery time) to incredibly distressing, sad or disheartening. More often than not, it always renders us in a state of loneliness. We wanted to comment on a growing culture, but in a way that felt real, honest and sincere. Watching the show back, it is made up of such a peculiar fabric, which is so enjoyable and reflective of real life. I genuinely feel like we tapped into something authentic and original". 

Markus Meedt - Series Producer and director of  D O N N Y  &  H A Y L E Y. 

"Tinder is madness, dating is hell and London is an emotional maze. When Gab sent me the first 5 scripts of what would eventually become ALL OF THEM, I instantly fell in love with the downbeat, often odd, but always relatable characters.

My goal with the H A Y L E Y and D O N N Y episodes was to hit that soft spot between comedy and tragedy. Our well-intentioned heroes will do everything right to succeed just to find themselves faced with a dilemma of existential proportions: Who do you want to be, when the world is your oyster?

We intertwined the stand-alone episodes, with the most random characters crossing paths. Everyone you meet has their own little dramas to deal with. Not everything has to be an end of the world situation, to be the end of someone's world. And that, to me, is very much at the heart of the show.

We hope ALL OF THEM resonates with our audience as much as it does with us... or maybe they are just better at dating."

Bradley Porter, director of the RAE episode, warms the G59 heart with his reminiscing of the experience. 

"I like making films – and I like it even more when I get to make them with friends. I’d long admired G59’s ethos and camaraderie, so when the opportunity arose to direct an episode of ALL OF THEM I threw myself in. I was excited by the challenge of adapting to the style of the series and interpreting whichever script I was assigned. As it goes I was fortunate enough to be given a script with a great deal of warmth, humour and ambiguity so not even I could fuck it up! It was also an opportunity to work with April and Sid, actors I’ve long admired".

Part 2 of this post will meet up with Series producer Alex, Kristina, Jack (who also DOP'd an episode) and director of the MAZ episode Patrick Gather.