PART 1: A Day (4:30am to 1am) Working On Bridget Jones’s Baby as the Director (’s assistant).

Some people might be aware that Guerilla59 is made up of a core group of people who met whilst working in the film industry. One of the jobs in the industry that kept me in fresh pants and able to sustain life as a G59’er was the role of Director’s Assistant to the hilarious and hard working Sharon Maguire on Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016). Here is a typical run through of a day in my life whilst working on the film AND whilst trying to keep my other projects running, both G59 related and otherwise. 

Firstly, a little about the role, I am not an Assistant Director, I am the Director’s Assistant. ADs run the floor, deliver the schedule and all sorts of important stuff that I wouldn’t do for all the tea in China (despite having worked in that department several times). Speaking of tea, I mostly spend my hours making that for my boss, and coffee. And carrying bags, but hey, “Do you know who I get coffee for mate?”. 

04:30am - Alarm goes off. Wake up. First thought, “what time is it?”, check watch. It’s 4:30. Hit “Snooze”.

04:38am - Pretentious Alarm insists on going off (it’s not all about you, Alarm). I get up. Shower. Get dressed for work. But not in what you’d imagine, there are no media friendly trendy skinny jeans or rare T-shirts, are rare t-shirts a thing? Like collector ones, like Supreme or C&A ones I guess. 

I get dressed in active wear, and baggy shorts to cover my modesties. Here is why. 

04:55am - Smash every corner, bannister, and wall of the apartment building's staircase with my bike, neighbours love it. It’s a Falcon Mountain Bike Circa 2002, before they realised that bikes should be lighter rather than heavier and thus, it’s heavy as shit. (And I still haven’t grown into it despite mum promising me I would and it only has one pedal that works at 100%)

05:11am - Cycle up the hill I fucking despise. A man smoking a joint leisurely cycles past me, I have lights, helmet, active wear. He has a doobie and a bike made after 2002. 

05:55am - Arrive at my boss’s house. I get changed in the park opposite her house, like a tramp for instance, or someone who has just committed a heinous crime. Lock my bike up, hitting every part of the staircase, it feels even heavier at this point. It's still dark at this point.

She likes me to drive in with her and Barry (Legend, Driver, Bloke) so we can plan the day; Shot list, tackle emails, tackle getting wi-fi so we can tackle emails.

05:56am - Pretend I haven’t fallen asleep in the car whilst boss tackles emails. I simply clock my head towards the window pretending I’m taking in the night lit sights. 

06:30am - Drive past my street, yes, we pass my street on the way to the studio. But she’s the director and she gets what she wants during this prettttttty stressful moment in time. It’s a huge film with lots of pressure and expectation. Anything to help. 

Written By Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez. Part 2 to follow next week, what happens when the director (and her assistant) arrive on set.