Official Selections at Grand Indie Wise Convention 2016, Los Angeles Cinefest 2017, DSOFF 2017 and Lake view International Film Festival 2017.

Prize Winner at Lake View International Film Festival 2017 & DSOFF 2017 Best Webseries.

A L L  O F  T H E M - A web series where several characters coincidentally brush into one another within these idiosyncratic, drama-doc style stories about the dating culture of contemporary London. The first series is comprised of 7 episodes. 

E L I A S / Written & Directed by Gabriel / DOP Sashi Kissoon / Editor Samuel Holmes / Osy Ikhile  Isabelle Bonfrer  Laya Lewis

K A T I E /  Written & Directed by Gabriel / DOP Holly Louisa Stratton / Karis Beckingham  Joey Tadiar  Scott Clee  Isabelle Bonfrer

S A M /  Written & Directed by Gabriel / DOP Markus / Scott Clee  Sally Paffett  Sarah Jane Butler  Karis Beckingham  

D O N N Y / Written by Gabriel / Directed by Markus / DOP Holly Louisa Stratton / David Ellis  Osy Ikhile  Sarah Jane Butler

H A Y L E Y / Written by Gabriel / Directed by Markus / DOP Jack / Recordist Paul Fairey / Jessica Jones  Danny Wright  David Ellis

R A E / Written by Gabriel / Directed by Bradley Porter / DOP Markus / Make up & Tattoo Designer Sarah Rowland / April Gilogley  Sid Phoenix  Scott Clee

M A Z / Written by Gabriel / Directed by Patrick Gather / DOP Evan Burris Trout / Joey Tadiar  Abigail Susannah

Series Producers - Gabriel, Alex, Markus, Kristina, Hamish & Jack

Series Sound Designer - Waqar Shah

Created by Gabriel